Saying Ahead, Staying Behind

Many troubling issues in our world today. Home, work, family, world, across the board. There is so much going on that we can easily reflect, recognize and understand that we are living in some of the most historic times in human history. If it seems a little scattered today, I’ll acknowledge that I am thinking […]

Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Captain Speaking PREPARE for a Bumpy Ride with MS Copilot

Simply Speaking Microsoft Ignorance Microsoft had a change management team which coordinated changes across many of their services. As late as 2020, they didn’t have a good handle on change management and as a result, they made changes that caused business harm. I didn’t have the same insight to their change practices in 2022 but […]

Incredibly Uncredible

Factoring in Relationships Overall, I have had a really good career. I started at the bottom in IT and worked my way into leadership stepping through many roles. Early on my work was very technical and as years past, the work become more technically abstract. What I’ve learned along the way is that nothing is […]

Collaboration Services – Leadership

Technology today drives “the way” (methods) in which most of us collaborate.  Successful collaboration depends on “collaboration patterns” which are independent of specific technologies.  The mistake many people make is to depend on commercial collaboration technologies without investing the time and resources to understand the complexity. Organizational success for collaboration services depends on the overall […]

Can’t Stop Saying, Sir

Virtual Collar Device In the military, there is clarity of role and responsibility. Someone has a designation and rank which is clearly displayed unless a condition exists in which it cannot be. Someone has contextual control of a situation and leads under a condition, state or mode. Everything is simplified in the understanding of who […]

You Need a Job | Now What?

Make Moves The career path today looks more like a zig-zag vs a straight line.  Corporations are making corporate decisions.  These decisions don’t account for individuals.   I believe people do care about each other but when it comes to business, things get fuzzy.    For whatever reason the job is no longer there. It Hurts […]