Duh Winning the Lotto

Someone said to me today that I wouldn’t be in my job if I won the lottery. Well, I told him that he is right. I wouldn’t be here where I work in Gener-America where I can go from cube to cube and find a familiar story. I wouldn’t be here fighting to help people and do what I believe is right. I would help people more than I can help them now. I haven’t forgotten about the little boy with (skippy sneakers) from Alexanders or the high water pants, the government cheese and honey. It is a scar that is hidden deep but drives my passion. I haven’t forgotten what it feels like to lose everything and wonder what I was going to do next. I haven’t forgotten about my friends who have passed or even the ones that I lost simply because we didn’t stay in contact. Today I was the last person in the office; it isn’t because I don’t have a place to be. I am tired, and I am catching up with work that I have had to do because some other people allow their desire for power to get in the way of work. There are so many things to be frustrated about here but there is so much opportunity to do good things. So, he was right, I may not stay if I ever win the lottery that I don’t play. At the same time, I did win by chance, luck and help an opportunity to help people one person at a time. It is this opportunity that we need to take advantage of and stop worrying about what we can’t do, but focus on what we can do. Results will vary but there wasn’t any outcome stamped on your ass when you came out into this world. It is the choices we make that help influence our outcome. It is the connection between people that is most important; it is what we spend so much time on. We try to find ways to express ideas, and connect electronically while we physically push people away. Our story doesn’t have to be generic and common, it can be a story of the best anonymous person or people you have ever known. It can be .. you choose.

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