A Little Humor… Men.. Don’t do this at the office..

Men and women have been working in the office together for many moons.  What I have seen working in a military environment always surprises me.  When an attractive woman is in the office she hovered over, she is annoyed, she is interrupted, she is constantly asked out and given little and sometimes big gifts.    This week while at the office I had an opportunity to laugh at one man’s attempt to court a friend.

This guy is either brilliant or challenged..

Dear Beautiful Lady,
(words that didn’t matter)….
I would love to invite you to a relaxing evening at my house at a
date of your choosing – hopefully sooner than later.  The menu will
consist of one of my favorite foods – Tacos – in addition to some
additional Mexican fare – that is of course if you like Mexican.
(Mariachi band not included – and you really don’t want to hear me sing
– not a good thing).  Following dinner, we would adjourn to the living
room and relax in the love seat – it is quite comfy and watch a nice
movie.  For dessert, there is a half gallon of Peanut Butter Swirl Ice
Cream in my freezer with two spoons in it.  I promise that my furry
roommates will be on their best behavior.P/S
Hope you got some rest yesterday and that today is not too painful.
Holler if you need a fresh cup of coffee or other caffeinated drink
delivered or just a nice smile and warm embrace to start your day off.
If that is not an option, you could drop by today on your way home – you
left your program from the play here and I think you should have it for
the weekend.  Plus from strictly a personal, selfless note, it will give
me a chance to see that beautiful smile of yours and possibly steal
another warm, comforting hug – something I wish would have lasted a lot
longer.  🙂
Dinner at Casa de Jane – Real Powerpoint..
Cordially Invited – What he meant..
Have a great day.  Sincerely,
Dude that shouldn’t be asking women out at work in front of other people.

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