Kenny Dispatches from the Field 20 July 2012

For a few hours this morning between 0400 when I got to my desk, up until 0700 having just completed the 19 July 2012 Significant Activity Report, I thought today was going to be a good day.  There were several IED explosions recorded the past 24 hours which included US wounded but fortunately no KIAs.  Joy is short lived in a place called Afghanistan.

As I clicked “send” an incoming e-mail notification appeared in the lower right hand of my screen. It was notification one of the young Soldiers wounded last night, had just died of his wounds. Today, 20 July, now sucks like all the rest. Hold your children tight.  Tell them that you love them.

Tomorrow is only a day away.  I can only hope that my report for 21 July will be filed with a happy heart.

Semper Fi,