Clouds Bring Rain

We are being hammered by companies selling cloud services and it is working.   I am telling you right now.. BE WEARY.   This is not going to be a lengthy post today but it is a warning.  DON’T JUST BUY THE BUZZ.

I have been talking to a lot of leaders in business and government and I am hearing the keywords repeated over and again.

1) Agile





6) Less labor

7)Faster time to market

8)Faster development

9)Higher revenue

10)Far reaching

Those are great words, but they are for business development and aren’t broken down by analysis relative to YOU.   In other words,  what if someone came into your house and looked around and said “Move everything, I will show you now, just trust me and pay me.”   Really? You would kick them out.

I am really angry about it because this behavior gives people who are really trying to help business and government a disadvantage.  It is like SOA, it was beaten to death by marketing and bullshit.  The tenants of SOA were ignored and it became known as yesterday.

Now we are “agile” and “cloud” but what those things mean to you as a leader, a developer, a manager, an implementor are diluted by the noise of marketing.

My message to you today is “DO THE HOMEWORK” don’t dive into solutions and spend money head first.  Perform analysis, bring outside help into validate your work.    Don’t do what everyone else is doing, because what they are doing may have NOTHING to do with your business.

That is all I have for today!


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  1. Howie, you are spot on. The whole idea of SOA was more about the overall architecture which would help build an enterprise solution, but instead vendors were offering and business were asking for and being sold pieces that were not for connecting within the BUS but for just web services only without the other architecture points being considered. Just as in last Friday’s meeting with the Admiral, DISA doesn’t even understand the utility role of the services but instead is looking at all web services as if all they need is an “apple” like store. Cloud is a basic concept and should be kept within the basic boundaries of it’s utility (virtual data for thin clients) and not make it another end all solution for the world. Keep the fight going.


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