Business got cancer? Smoke some “Cloud”

I apologize for using cancer as a platform and associating it with business but I feel very strongly about this and I do believe a business can have cancer.  What is cancer?  If you don’t know, fundamentally it is uncontrolled growth and consumption of resources by cells.

A cell is a unit of life, the smallest that classifies something as living.

A person in a business is similar to a cell.

How does a business get cancer?  

It starts with a person or people who start to work against the benefit of the business or the organization.  Productivity diminishes over time and bad behavior starts to grow.  Anti-productive behaviors and practice increase and start to consume resources and take over the organization.

There are many variables to take into account and that is why I think it is similar to cancer or is a form of cancer to the business.   The results are the same.   You either have to cut out the cancer, treat the cancer or die.

It can be a long slow death or it can be quick, it all depends on the severity of the disease.

How does this have anything to do with Cloud Computing? 

You can read my story or stick to the bullets, either way I just want YOU to get the point.

A few years ago, I went to my doctor because I am allergic to cats and I was having a pretty bad spell with a new cat in my house (don’t ask).    During my tests the doctor (I mean nurse practitioner) found elevated liver enzymes and told me that I needed to come back for tests.

Every week, I would come back for tests.  I was now required to go to specialists.   They gave me all sorts of concerns.   The gastroenterologist scared me so much that I wound up having a biopsy.   I must have seen 10 different specialists and none of them shared a common position.

I finally get through all the testing and the gastro guy calls me in the office.   He looks at me, scratches his head and says ” I don’t know what to tell you”  He advised me to make an appointment for 5 years later.

Not long after, I changed insurance and got another doctor, he looked at my records and said ” I wouldn’t have sent you for any further tests”

I spent hundreds of dollars, the insurance companies spent thousands.  The saga continued as I moved and was forced to go to another doctor who practically put me through another round of tests and specialists.

No doctor ever solved my problem.  I found something out though.   I was a little above my target weight and if I went to the gym or I ran a few miles a day a few times a week and addressed my diet, my “inflammation” or elevated enzyme levels went down.

The doctors wanted me to donate blood a few times a month as they told me that would solve my problem.


  • You can’t treat a symptom.   You have to discover the real problem (s)
  • Technology won’t fix your problems.  (Donate blood)
  • Technology is an enabler not a solution within itself.
  • People are trying to make money by providing solutions.  (Preventive care does not drive up revenue)
  • Solution providers want you to keep coming back.  (Subscription for your affliction?)
  • You have to treat the whole body. (Just targeting one area of your business won’t heal it)

Cloud computing is an enabler.   I love technology!  I love being enabled!  It is great for business.  It isn’t great for solving problems.  People are the core, people are the cells, people are what make your business.

You could go to the phlebotomist and it may ultimately appear on the surface that your problems are being solved but the underlying cause will still remain.

People, Process, Methods, Tools.. Always PEOPLE FIRST.

Treat the whole body and you are on your way to wellness.