Statement and Question on Terrorist Activities

I work with a lot of people that have expertise in many areas of defense.  One of my friends (colleague) is a subject matter expert on counter terrorism and other areas of warfare.   Let us call her Mrs. M.   Mrs. M asked me to think about and discuss the Boston marathon situation relative to counter terrorism.  I had considered thinking about what she had written to me and doing some additional research and writing on the subject but once I thought about it a little more it occurred to me that I should just post her thoughts for question and commentary.   The following words are hers.  She is speaking from an authoritative perspective based on her expertise but I think there is room for asking questions and holding a discussion.   Maybe it is just something to consider.  Here goes Mrs. M! 

The objective of terrorists is to control and influence people through fear. I understand the importance of capturing the terrorist suspects in the attack on the Boston Marathon; however, locking down 4.5 million Bostonians is feeding right into the hands of the terrorists. Police would never typically lock down a city when looking for 2 suspects. Rather than live in fear, glued to the news, the best thing Bostonians and Americans can do is to continue living their lives as normal. I understand the need to be vigilant and aware of one’s surroundings, but the best thing the average Joe can do to combat terrorism is to go to the store, see a movie, attend a sporting event, go for a run, heck – sign up for a local race or next year’s Boston Marathon!


The success of terrorist actions is also heavily influence by the battle of the narrative. Rather than post 24 hour coverage of the suspects, bombs going off and victims. I would like to see more stories of inspiration, acts of kindness, strength and generosity.

What do you think and why? 

One thought on “Statement and Question on Terrorist Activities

  1. Live your lives as normal. Arm yourselves and train yourselves properly in using that firearm, so you don’t live locked down in your house in fear. Get your heads out of your electronic devices and starting looking around at your world so you notice when something’s out of place. Stop this PC nonsense that “Not All Muslims Are Bad.” Not all Southerners were bad, but the Yankee Army knew where their sympathies lay and acted accordingly in their own defense. We need to do the same today. We’re still in the Crusades. The trouble is only they know it, we don’t.


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