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2 thoughts on “TRUST

  1. There seems to be something old but again new these days, it is interpretation of what is objective and subjective truth and from what perspective we have for the subjective truth. Trust has to be developed based on mutual understanding and that means understanding truths or at least understanding the perspectives of an individuals truth. The problem today is that there are so many hidden agendas we don’t know for sure what is objective and subjective truth and in most cases we don’t care to know.

    Sometimes this lack of trust is by polarization of extreme concepts; for example liberal and conservative. All humans need to have both perspectives at some time during their lives depending on the situation but since the labeling has been defined not by perspectives but by the media; we believe everything that is written as long as it was written by the slant of the perspective we view as correct. This lack of trust isn’t only in our political views but in everything.

    Seems that if we start our dialog with what is objective truths we might have some agreements before we get into the subjective part. That way we can build upon some foundation of communication between our humanity. Lack of desire to take the time to explore the common truths of objective views has resulted in a society that has no boundaries for integrity of our humanity and therefore has created great chaos (note I did not say complexity but chaos as complexity is an objective truth of the universe while chaos is a subjective perspective).


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