The Birdhouse Part II

The days may be long but the years are short. It goes something like that I’ve heard. The older we get the faster things go. We are just a blink away from the inevitable.

It is ok. It is what it is. The birdhouse reminded me of those houses we see off of an old highway or country road. The house is dilapidated and parts of it are just blowing in the wind. The roof is all sunken in and the paint is peeling from every board. If you just took a moment to imagine what it looked like before. Who were the people living in the house? How many families lived there? What happened to it? The echoes of the people who envisioned this structure still remain. It is beautiful and seemingly tragic. Then I ask myself, if it actually is tragic or if it is just the natural progression of things. Eventually, every building will see its end.

I believe at some point that house will come down. Someone will have a vision for the land and possibly build something new. It could be that someone chooses to rebuild it.

Regardless, we can breathe new life into that space. It may house other new families and shelter them from the outside.

In WWII many cities were destroyed. They were laid to ash and rubble. When the people were able to come back, they rebuilt the cities and created amazingly beautiful structures. Rotterdam in the Netherlands is a great example of this. From 1950 to 1970, the city was rebuilt from the center. It is a beautiful place and it feels open and fresh.

As I finish up this birdhouse, I am considering the new technologies available today in 3D manufacturing. I can see Ukraine being rebuilt from concrete or asphalt slurry in a short period of time. I can see the people coming together to build with the same passion they have to fight for their country. When this conflict comes to an end, we can use the latest technologies to help them.

In that same spirit, with our understanding that time will take all things, we can choose to build, knowing it won’t last forever. We can build with the knowledge that we did it and for the moment and in that moment, there is a purpose, shelter, and hopefully peaceful and pleasant realizations With this in mind, I put the birdhouse reconstructed back where it was. It will need some paint and embellishments but for today, when the birds come back, they will have a place to go and call home. Happy Sunday to YOU and for the people of Ukraine, I pray for peace and an end to this terrible situation.

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