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The content that I create and my original style make for a creation you haven’t seen in a while.  I am number one, I bring it every day, got words that you heard from Japan to Jakay.  I bring the new fresh and simple point of view.  I bring the words and the pictures and perspective brand new.

Or not.  Because everything comes from the foundation of what we have learned over the years.  In the book from Steven Johnson, How we got to now, Johnson talks about how innovation and invention happen in clusters.  There is a wave of similar things that happen when the timing is right.   Many people are worried about their original content but there is a good chance that someone already created or invented the words that you thought were yours.   Yes,  it was a funny joke but I think I heard it before.

I am on LinkedIn, I reshare a lot of content.  Sometimes I write things on my own but I don’t consider it my original content or intellectual property.  I understand when people string words together and make it into a book in which they site 200 other people that they believe it is their book but there is a good chance that their book made a few points that really were referential vs original.

As the world is changing and evolving, I believe we need to take a different approach with content.  We really need to open it up more and stop worrying about what belongs to who.  People will still be able to write books and make things and call it their own but in reality, it takes many people working together to get something created.  Instead of worrying about “what I did”, we can focus on “what we do.”  Hey, that’s original!  “What We Do!!”

Is that “okurrrr”? – Sited from Cardi B.

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  1. Intellectual content, if it is actually original thought, should be acknowledged and cited. You own your clothes, should you not own your own thoughts?


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