Maybe Crazy

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It is a beautiful Sunday morning here in the northeast US.  I have the opportunity to sit outside and look at some trees, grass and sky.   The way I get news these days is through snippets of information online and local channels.

Generally speaking, I have shut off the major cable networks.  Outside of the global violence, murder in Virginia Beach, commentary on warehouses full of polling machines, tariffs, political battles, there was an article on microplastics in pristine waters in the pacific and why more than 6 cups of coffee will send you to an early grave.

I don’t have a problem with information overload but I do have a problem with the amount of content that isn’t based on facts.  Five people studied in a room somewhere in Florida stated that when cutting grass in Florida they have itchy eyes therefore Florida grass is now called “itchyeye” grass and it will blind you.  I mean, this is how it comes across now.

Then I think about all of the microplastics in the ocean and the fact that we are spending billions of dollars on politics or making movies and entertainment.   I have to wonder if we are as a global people “simply mad.”  Maybe the religious people are right.  Maybe we are living in the end days and someone is going to come from the sky with laser beam eyes and destroy us all and start over.   Who knows.  One thing we can be very certain about is that we don’t need to wait for someone to come for the end of days because we are creating our own.  Instead of putting money and resources to compete for long term heath and wellness, we spend our efforts focused on ourselves as individuals.   The folks that care about the environment and the earth long term are still labeled just not called “tree huggers” anymore.  Here we are playing beautiful music while the ship sinks.  In our political and law maker arena, we are somehow creating crazy laws that we undid 40 years ago.  I know,  it is intractable.  These are problems that we will never agree on to solve.  I will say this for the record.  We don’t live in a free country and if people keep thinking they are “free” to do whatever they want to do, they need to read more about our republic for which it stands…   Here are a few simple crazy facts.  You can’t drive without a seat belt because that is against the law as driving is a privilege not a right.  You can’t in most states kill yourself as suicide is against the law.  Yes.  I never said I think you should or shouldn’t, I am simply stating what you can’t do.  You can smoke cigarettes and kill yourself with tobacco but you can’t do other drugs.  You can drink alcohol but weed is the gateway to ultimate doom. Anyone else out there think this is crazy?   We have very rich people (more than 3) trying to build rockets to get into space.  Ehh, how about spending the billions and billions of dollars on extending human life or cleaning water or healing the planet?   Where is our attention these days? On everything but things that matter.  The real shame of it all is that we are knowingly and willingly mad.

We know we are acting crazy and irrational and we don’t do anything about it but continue to make it worse.  Hey,  I am glad the young 16 year old girl from Norway Greta “I want you to panic” Thunberg is out there with a twitter following and a loud voice but I am confident it will get drowned out by all the other noise and the kid will herself be known but her fight will go forgotten until the next round.  Just ask someone that is standing in line to climb Mount Everest so they can say they did it and wear the t shirt.

As for me.. I am not sure what I am going to do.. for now.. I will drink my cup of death with a little half and half while enjoying the moment.  Although if this guy on the lawn mower doesn’t stop soon… I am going to have to go over there and….


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