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I’d like you to consider

If you are breathing today, there is an opportunity for you to do something wonderful.

There are thousands of religions, maybe they are all right and maybe they are all wrong, that is for you to decide.

The planet is getting warmer, doesn’t matter why.

A global pandemic is becoming endemic.

Cancer is still real.

If you tried to legitimately get an Xbox since last year, you probably are still empty-handed.

We are under attack in a global campaign to hurt each other. We are being gaslighted and driven by social media. Think about that.

We were supposed to have flying cars by now.

We were all supposed to be on solar power by now.

There are miles and miles of land in the US that people can go and live on without impacting anyone else. If anyone says it’s uninhabitable, see what Israel did to the desert and just use their playbook.

We overcomplicate everything.

Turning off the news could lead to a healthier life.

Our future is cloudy.

We have a choice.

War is coming, it’s almost time for the machine.

What are you going to do with the rest of your life?

We may not know each other but somewhere in our history, we are connected.

Freedom isn’t free and neither are we.

Consider how many days you may have left in life and think about what you’d do if you had all of them, half of them or less than one of them.

At some point, you and I have taken in the same air molecules.

It’s ok to be loved.

Have a Happy Sunday.

It’s ok to be loved (yep)

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