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I guess it has been a while since I posted to this blog.  In the age of everything everywhere is seems that we can be overloaded with everything from everyone all the time.   I have been working on ways at work to sort through this problem.   It seems to haunt us all.  Whether we are at work or at home we are dealing with information overload.   I see that Microsoft is working on this problem from the search engine area with Bing.   I am looking at this from a more practical sense to the individual.  We need to be able to compose information that is relevant to us individually in a dynamic way.   Technically we can do this in a lot of ways but what we are missing is patterns to show us how we can do this easily with existing tech.   While Personal Brain is probably the best UI for me to create patterns for myself, it is not practical for all of us.  I think MindMaps are a good way to illustrate these patterns as well.  I mean Freemind, Xmind, mindmeister all of those are fine.  I work with DODAF the DOD Architecture Framework and it is sort of the same thing to me.  I am NOT an Architect and do not pretend to play one but I do have to understand the framework to support it technically.   All of this boils down to contextual lists that are represented graphically.   I think the best way to achieve the goal here which is once again composing relevant information to you or me the individual, we really need to focus on the simple list.  Once we have the list we can apply technology as required.  For example,  you want to look at certain things everyday on the internet. We can narrow it down to one thing to start. 

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While these are websites that are holistic in nature, they might as well be services.   It starts to delve into the importance of mashups.   I am still working on these concepts in application for work but the bottom line is that context and patterns are important and should be considered for all aspects of our technical lives.   


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