Nothing to IT but to DO IT


Taking a Leap

Whether you are starting your own business or just looking for a new adventure, think about what is holding you back from taking the next step.

Is it fear of failure?

Is it fear of success? (that’s actually a thing)

Is it fear of the unknown?

Maybe you really don’t want to do what you think you want to do?

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A few years ago, some friends of mine pulled together with ideas on putting together a services oriented business. Ideas were flying and words were hitting the wall. We were moving and shaking and all excited. It was a good time. We met with each other regularly and thought through all the options. The only problem was ….


You know, we all had our reasons for not following through. Kids, college, life, current commitments, and a thousand other excuses. I’m guilty of being a big talker too. I also had delusions of people coming out of the woodwork to help build this thing and get it going.

We didn’t do anything except talk.

Standing on the Edge

Years passed, I did what I knew how to do. I worked a corporate role and built great relationships and opportunity that was seemingly open ended. While I was in the role, my company bought another company. Through the acquisition there was talk of many of us losing our jobs. It was devastating to know that for the good of the company, we as game pieces were just to be moved about the board. While the large companies talk about fairness, diversity, mindfulness, and being a good citizen, it’s mostly bologna.

There are three things to consider in most companies,

Cost, The Cost of Cost, and Cost

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Decisions needed to be made. Real choices and real actions.

Many people choose to live in that place right on the edge of the cliff, no leaping just looking.

2020 was a tough year and things were swirling. It was one of the toughest years of my life until this year.

All said, I met my friend and partner in 2020 Laurie. For all of the many people I had met in my life that said they wanted to work together to build a business, Laurie didn’t just say it. Not long after I’d met her, we put a light plan in place with an outline of things we needed to do and we started building.

We had help along the way but it was through hard work and some fairly brutal days, that we built a business. Looking back, some could say it was the worst time to start a business but I’m here to tell you there is no good or bad time. There is only right now.

There is a lot more to the story but for now, I’d like to share there with you something important. There is no other time to do what you want to do other than the time you have right now.

Tomorrow will become a week, a month, a year and will always be yesterday. If you want to do something, do it. Pick up the phone, some people won’t answer. Send an email, some people won’t respond. Who cares? It’s not personal.

What is personal is that you don’t do what you want to do and you stay stuck at the edge of that cliff. People have too many regrets on their deathbed. Why should you?

Why aren’t you taking the leap?

Will you be able to accept your choice down the road?

Think about the end of your days and reflect on your life, did you do what you wanted to do?

If you are good with what you have done in your life, that’s great!

If not, consider that tomorrow is not a promise. Every day is a gift that we are given and we have to choose what we are doing with this gift.

If you don’t know what you want to do, that’s understandable. So many choices and opportunities out there.

Why not explore and find your passion .. ?

If you choose to take action, there will be people that will be there for you and care about you and help you. The lesson for me is that people I expected to help me thought I could handle more on my own than I believed I could. They didn’t help me as much as I’d hoped for or asked. Many people I met along the way or people that I didn’t have as strong of a connection with in the past came out to help. Helping in ways that they could. Helping often means something different from an expectation we may have.

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Don’t just sit there.. get goin……

What’s next?


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4 thoughts on “Nothing to IT but to DO IT

  1. Awesome blog Howie! You hit the nail right on the head! Take the leap, burn the ships. Don’t expect help but welcome and value all the help you get. In the end though it’s you and Laurie that “own” your success.!! And you both will be very successful as a team.


  2. Thanks for sharing those very actionable insights. I cannot agree more with you. As a 69 year old I just took a challenge to make the difference both at work and my private life. For work I join a se startup as Chief Product Officer taking on the challenge to define our roadmap our positioning and go to market. On the personal side I dedicate two half day per week with my wife to our 2 years old grand son at what we call the grand parent discovery center.


  3. This is utterly priceless. I know you and see you since the beginning. The journey is overwhelmingly substantial from a personal and professional perspective.


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