Lets consider the true nature of the services problem in the DoD.  Policy exists on sharing information, guidance exists on best practices and standards exist to help scope and implement requirements.   So, what is the problem?

TRUST, read any article on SOA or Cloud computing and the first item they normally address is trust.  Why do they address trust? Because you must have trust for common integrated services to work.    We need to learn to trust each other.  This is a problem because for over 50 years we have been finding ways to keep ourselves isolated when it comes to technology.

Just for the sake of going through a thought exercise, lets image that we use the old pangram “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

Our goal is to look at what we want SOA or Cloud concepts to achieve for us in the context of just this sentence.  In other words, we should be able to draw information from sources to create this sentence based on questions we ask our systems.

What do you think the sentence would look like today?

I think it would look something like this…

“The —- sienna —– jumps——the null null retriever”

It may even be worse than that but to me this is bad enough.   We need to talk more about trust relationships in the DoD.  We need to find ways to work closer together in order to meet and achieve our goals.   We need to have more discussions about actionable ideas that we can employ to help change our behavior in order to accomplish this.

Just a thought.


One thought on “DoD #FAIL #SOA #CLOUD

  1. It’s just a sad commentary of how we’ve forgotten the “battle buddy” perspective that we know operationally, but seem to have forgotten about when we move into staff work… It also seems true that to make trust work there needs to be something accountable to it–like money exchanged or content shared. The Mayflower Compcxt is our oldest European-American contract of newcomers to America; maybe we need to have the same for the frontier of cyberspace?!


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