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Up until the end of this week I worked for Booz Allen Hamilton titled as a Senior Defense Researcher.    The title was fairly generic allowing for me as a consultant / coach to help in a lot of areas.   Some in the technology industry don’t have any problem answering the question regarding what they do for a living, historically speaking I have.


Tomorrow is the first day working for my new job as a Community Manager for Department of Defense, Defense Information Systems Agency’s software development, community and collaboration platform called Forge.


Forge.Mil is cloud oriented (Software as a Service) technical offering that has a great deal of features and functional capabilities.  These include


  • Source code and configuration management
  • Track defects, requirements, and feature requests
  • Task hierarchy and alert mechanism
  • Collect, archive, and release packages
  • Real-time reports on tasks and trackers
  • Discussion Forums
  • Project-based Wiki
  • Document Management


There is a social aspect to Forge called Forge Community, which augments the technical aspects by integrating a “people to people” framework in support of the user community.

This enables the community to


  • Connect with other users
    • Find Software and Projects
    • Discover and join sub-communities or Groups
    • Improve Collaboration
    • Share Ideas or find Ideas to act on
    • Share Knowledge, Experience and Lessons Learned
    • Find Answer and Solutions
    • Expand the Discussions and Cast a Wider Net to Find an Answer


My job is to help enable community members, examine technical and non-technical concepts ultimately to enhance the speed and ease of technical projects in the department.


As I determine what information I can share based on the nature of the work, I will post from time to time anything that I believe is relevant to the greater public.  For now, I am excited to take on this new challenge and it is my intent to help our defense community work effectively and efficiently to accomplish their individual goals and objectives.

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