Scott makes some good points and has great references, I consider it part 1.75, we will get to part two. Problem is requirements keep changing. Maybe I should be more agile?

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Send me your thoughts on the concept of using Agile in govement.

Here is a glimps of what we are doing at GLS:

Here are a few good reads:

1.  Agile development is a key feature of the Office of Management and Budget’s 25-point plan for improving IT management calls out “modular development”.   Here is an excerpt from the paper:

The following practices will help achieve the promises of modular development:

  • Ensuring each module aligns with overall program and business objectives and has clear quan­titative and qualitative outcome measures for success
  • Awarding contracts that incorporate clear business objectives and performance outcomes, a vision for future state architecture, and parameters for iterative design and development
  • Delivering new working functionality to users at least every 12 months, with no more than 3 months dedicated to creating detailed system specifications
  • Regularly capturing and incorporating user feedback through an iterative process that assesses…

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