DoD isn’t ready for Cloud Computing

If you read the Cloud Computing strategy paper there are a lot of great ideas but in our environment today they aren’t realistic.   Without getting into great detail or even attacking the strategy point by point we can totally dismantle the strategy with one concept, THE SLA / OLA.

How will you hold the DISA accountable when cloud services fail?   Where has DISA been successful with Cloud Computing today…? (be honest now).

Who will advocate for customers when DISA fails?  How will IT acquisition practices and programmatics change to accommodate the cloud?   I could really go on and on.

Bottom line is that DISA and the CIO don’t even know where all of the IT services are in the DoD holistically.   In other words, there is no “list” of DoD services.   I have been asking and looking for years for a list of even cloud like capabilities.    It is solving the wrong problems precisely to add cloud services to the mix and assume that you are going to force people to your services.

I would say that it will flat out fail until you start changing behavior not technology.

They talk about fostering adoption with the stick of governance but anyone who understands anything about “The elephant and the rider”  knows that in our world (DoD) we cannot DEMAND AND FORCE CHANGE.

I wasn’t clear.. sorry..  YOU CANNOT FORCE CHANGE IN THE DOD.

You can lead change.  You can inspire change.  There are a lot of things you CAN do but forcing people to go to cloud solutions on DISA isn’t going to be one of them.

Most people who I know have strong feelings about DISA..  I wouldn’t use the word.. LOVE .

The DoD tried to consolidate services and broker services with technology before, anyone heard of SOA?  It failed because they put technology first.

“If I give you this cool THING, you will LOVE me and you WILL give me your DATA.”  That is bologna.    If you put governance in place that will do it? NOPE.   Governance in the DoD from the highest levels is like a big fat tiger with NO TEETH.  It looks scary but the bite just tickles.

SO.. here is my challenge to YOU reader.  Ask everyone you know what cloud services exist in the DoD.   Ask them where they are and how much they cost.   Ask them what the SLA(service level agreement) looks like.  Ask them what the OLA (operational level agreement) looks like.   Ask them who they currently service .   Ask them for a list of technical capabilities.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST.. Ask them to be honest about what they have and who they are serving and the maturity of their environment.

Prove me wrong, but I am willing to bet that you won’t find a list unless you make it yourself.   You will find services all over the place funded in all sorts of ways.   You will find that the CIO doesn’t know what is in her enterprise. **sorry** is that effort underway?  I didn’t see a discovery phase in the strategy but maybe I overlooked it.

Let me know what you come up with…


One thought on “DoD isn’t ready for Cloud Computing

  1. It always seems as if nobody listens to folks like you and me and the rest of us who see this as plain as day until some catastrophic event takes place and then we get treated with the “Im sorry; you told us so discussions/meetings; now help us” kind of talk.

    The DOD is just now getting a hold around the Information Assurance posture it needs/should have (but still lacking in the human capital area). To make matters worse; the entire DOD IT infrastructure is suffering from lack of human capital to fill very important gaps.

    The cloud issue you expressed is definitely a legitimate concern and I agree with the points you noted; I only wonder if you were able to get some good discussion/feedback from the DISA person who was with us at J8? I would love to hear those thoughts.


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