Don’t Forget the Basics Please

The attack on Paris last night prompted me to think about reminding my children, family and friends to stay alert and be prepared for emergency situations.   I was reminded last night by Jaime Wetzel that before you need water, food, shelter and first aid equipment, you need knowledge to use these to survive.   Here are a few tips taken from Lifehacker!


“Know Your Priorities

The founder of onPoint Tactical Kevin Reeve suggests:

  1. Immediate security: If the building is on fire, get out. If someone is shooting at you, move to cover. Whatever the immediate danger, get away from it.
  2. First aid: Attend to any medical problems that may have happened in the original event. Check yourself for injuries and treat them.
  3. Self protection: If you are at risk from predators, two-legged or four-legged, you must arm yourself. This might be a sharpened stick, a knife, machete, shotgun, or banjo. Just have something to attack the zombies with.
  4. Physical needs (in order): Shelter, fire, water, food, and hygiene.

He also suggests staying positive. Mental endurance can help you stay safe in any number of situations. A study in Psychological Science also suggests that your own perception of illness and the potential for treatment has an effect on the outcome. In short, the idea of mind over matter can help you survive.”

I suggest reading the rest of the post from Lifehacker author Thorin Klosowski in these times of increasing uncertainty, the one thing you know could save your life or someone else.

One thought on “Don’t Forget the Basics Please

  1. Mr. Cohen, you also need a spine to do what the three Americans did on the French train … attack the bastards!!! Over 100 killed at the concert venue ‘cause they became sheep when they needed to be wolves!!! If enough men had acted like a unit instead of as individuals … how smaller the casualty rate could have been if they had overpowered those cowardly Muslims. Imagine if the French had concealed carry and only 5% of the night club crowd were packin’? Yes I know a hand gun as no chance by itself against an AK-47. But multiple fields of return fire even if hand guns would have probably contained those bastards.

    Additionally, did you know those self-centered narcissistic little dweebs at Missouri are complaining because this terrorism attack has taken the publicity light off of them??? Unbelievable.

    First aide-wise, strongly recommend learning how to do battlefield dressing on a sucking chest wound as well. Properly plugging the hole could save a life.

    My two cent. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family.

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