Warranty Coverage

It is the holiday season and with all the neat toys and electronics we get to have the headache of dealing with them as they break.   There are a few easy things you can do to make your life easier and gain better overall protection for your stuff.

  1. Use a credit card to make your purchases.  Check with your company to make sure you have the warranty protection but most of the card today offer an extra year of protection.  They also (MasterCard) and Amex offer help to return products if they don’t meet your satisfaction.  That is pretty helpful..
  2. If you bought something like a computer and the warranty expires there is a chance that some of the components in the device are still covered.  For example, if you bought a network storage device, the hard drive warranty can exceed the warranty of the whole device.  You can check by going to the manufacturer and checking the serial number in their system.
  3. Keep the box,  even if you keep the original box for 3-6 months it makes it easier to return.

Hope you have a great holiday season.  I think getting stuff online overall has been easier and I know UPS and FedEx love my family,  when I see them these days they are hanging on my couch drinking a cup a joe.  At least it feels that way.  With all the great deals online, we really have to think about how we can make sure we get the best value of what we paid for and the ability to send stuff back if it doesn’t work out!