Weekend @ Bernie’s Business Edition

The Investor, The Senior Executive, The Middle Manager, and The Worker

Melissa Mayer seems to be dragging her dead company around pretending that it is a living thing.. (just my two cents).   Reminds me of the Weekend at Bernie’s movie 1989.   Bernie was a real party animal and senior dude..except he was dead.

The reason why companies are failing today is because the system is constantly being gamed to produce lies that encourage investment.   This practice isn’t new but the availability of information in real time has made it much easier for liars to do their thing.


The only way to get attention is to scream louder and be bold,  and a bigger jerk over others.   Tell lies and act like a raging mad person.   I don’t know about you but I don’t want to accept this as “best business practice.”

A few weeks ago, I wrote about garbage in the ocean and amazingly enough people don’t respond to that.   The real problems of our world seem too big for any one of us to fix.  It is a shame.  It is a real shame.

  • The investors don’t care about the truth as long as the stock price goes up.
  • Senior Executives like the folks you all know who are in the public clearly can’t pass the bullshit test.
  • Middle Management is “in the middle”
  • Workers are essentially liabilities.

Looking in the rear view mirror at our country won’t help us either.  We have to start working on supporting our small businesses.  We need to foster growth that is organic and centered on real results as opposed to speculation.  We need to think less about activist investors and market gambling.  Investors and others will work the market, I don’t think that is going to change.  Investors aren’t bad but the behaviors around market speculation are not good when they artificially prop up companies that aren’t worth it.

I have to ask.. what kind of world are we building for our children?

If you ask me,  we can ignore what is happening in our world and do nothing or we can work together for our future.   I think it starts with an honest discussion of what is really happening and we can take it from there.










One thought on “Weekend @ Bernie’s Business Edition

  1. It seems to be much like what people expect today in a throw away society. We don’t care if something lasts because it can and will be replaced and quality also doesn’t matter because cost are more important to control than longevity. We are living in the now moment because no one wants to sacrifice for the future. We want to have everything now. People are having less kids because it cost too much to raise a family, or is the truth we don’t want to sacrifice our life styles. Living means loving and loving means not putting conditions above what is good for others. Instead today it is all about what is good for our own egos. Egos are winning and loving each other today starts and stops with loving yourself. But what happened to the transition point when you realize that it isn’t all about you but about us. And to comment about investors. It use to be the investors were the ones that started the companies, now the only skin in the game is financial, no heart and soul into the business. Financials are a shell game now and the pea is being moved by lies that the media supports because there is no truth testing by the media only reactions to events that are being created by the ones that perpetrate the lies. And the media doesn’t have time to check the story because today whoever gets it to press time first wins the circulation wars. The world is moving so fast and information is flowing faster that we don’t allow the time to verify, instead we only react. What made us human beings is that we have reasoning power and that we were created in the image of the Creator. The seventh day of rest was more for remembering who our true identity is. It isn’t about our egos it is about what our place is in the universe.


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