Winning is Easy if #KM

KM Practices..

  1. Write out a collaboration pattern.   A collaboration pattern is a document that identifies people and associated communication and collaboration capabilities. #Identify
  2. Communication channels led by a person facilitating knowledge activities. #WOL
  3. Collaboration and Change Leadership driven by all employees with support from senior leaders. #Leadership #Employee Engagement #Love your folks

Knowledge Management is everyones responsibility, just like getting to work.  It is a simple concept but is it too simple?

If your organization does basic, simple things, it can be very successful in saving money, lowering risk, and generating income.

The reason this doesn’t happen is because simple solutions are too obvious.

  • Eat healthy
  • Exercise
  • Drink water

Most people can avoid serious health problems by going to a nutritionist.  While this is a factual and true statement more often than not, people wind up at the doctors office and have to take medication or worse.

Most people can feel better, extend their wellness through their lives, and feel younger longer by introducing exercise into their lives.  Even if it is 8 minutes a day, for most that is too long.

Most people can avoid serious problems, lose weight and feel good by drinking water more often and they don’t.

Most people can gain a lot of health benefit from going to bed just a little earlier, but they don’t.

Why ?

Whether an organization is 5 million or 50 billion the same rules for people engagement apply.   If you don’t communicate, collaborate and cooperate the company will not work in an optimal fashion.    The health of the organization is dependent on your people.   The health of the organization can be managed by simple and effective people strategies.

The health of the organization and the optimization of the product workflow, product pipeline, consulting channels, customer support… all of it are intertwined with employee engagement.

If you take simple steps.. and include people to facilitate or manage “gates” or help with collaboration, there will be MORE success.  If you don’t, it is very possible to be successful just not as successful as you could be.

So What

At the end of the day, some leaders will understand and some won’t.   If they don’t understand and do something about it, nothing bad may happen.   It is possible for organizations to treat people poorly and survive and even thrive!   It is possible for people who lead companies to do bad things and run away with lots of rewards.   It is also possible for leaders to take small simple steps on making companies better and cultivating a culture of simple gratitude and integrity.   It is possible to communicate, collaborate and cooperate and benefit.

What is the most valuable company in the world today at the moment?

How do they collaborate?

Focusing efforts on making collaboration and communication as natural as eating healthy, exercising, sleeping well and drinking enough water.. will have a positive impact on the bottom line.   Just think.. you didn’t need to buy anything to do it either.





One thought on “Winning is Easy if #KM

  1. Google is number one because it engages its employees and values them. Collaboration and communication is enabled when management respects its employees. That in turn, creates that open environment with employees unafraid to pitch new ideas and openly comment on what is good and bad without fear of management retribution in one form or another. Corporate communication must be a two way street!


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