Placing a Cover on Your Computer Camera

Have you noticed how many people tape up the camera on their laptops?  Do you ever see anyone covering up the camera on their cell phones?  Do you ever see them turning off their cell phones?  Do you ever see them covering up or turning off other devices?  It is absolutely fascinating.  The psychology of illusion.

Have you considered that you have no privacy?  Have you considered the fact that when you are online, you are being watched electronically and automatically?  Have you considered that every time you leave your house,  you are recorded by some device at some point along your trip outdoors?  Have you considered that while you are in your home,  you are being recorded?   Yes,  of course you don’t have Alexa, Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant.   Yes, of course

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you protect yourself by placing your phone camera down.  Yes, of course you protect yourself by taping up your camera.   Thing is,  you have no right to privacy.  Our laws and our constitution do not provide you this right.    If your spouse decides to post messages about you on Facebook or Instagram,  you can’t stop it.   If your children are recording themselves and you are speaking to someone else,  and this gets recorded, you can’t stop it.  If your co-worker records you making a bad joke,  you can’t stop it.  Recently,  in the West Wing,  it was proven that even at the highest levels of government it can’t be stopped.    We are already being tried and lynched by the mob when we get caught on camera doing things or saying things deemed inappropriate.

There is no safety in your home or work.   There is no protection for any of us.  It isn’t a theory, it is a fact.   Go to a baseball game and you will be in someones selfie.   Now consider this.   You go to a game,  you are in a picture that someone else took of you while taking a picture of themselves.   They post the picture to social media.  Social media systems use facial recognition and AI to determine who you are and where you were.   They sell this information to companies for all sorts of purposes.  The government uses it to build profiles of each of us and we wind up in some real life version of what would be dystopian science fiction.

It’s real.  So, cover up your camera’s!  Hope it makes you feel safe.

As for me,  I miss 1990 something.


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