Help Someone Make a Connection: “Care Actions”

Happy Holidays 

3rd Person 

No statistics here needed.  There are people who aren’t working and who are looking for work.  They are all around us.   They have knowledge, skills and abilities that are needed in the workplace.   They are good men and women.   

If you have ever lost your job, you know it is difficult and emotional to find your next.  It doesn’t matter how many people you know.  It doesn’t matter how popular you are.  It doesn’t matter how many degrees you have or certifications.  

Years ago, Mark Friedman told me the person who normally makes a connection that counts is about three people over in your network.  At the time, I didn’t really understand how that was possible or why the third person would help.  At that time, I didn’t lose my job but I was looking for my next adventure.  Truth be told, it was my third connection that got me there.  It was an introduction to an outside recruiter from a friend (1st), an introduction from the outside recruiter to the inside (2nd) and introduction from the inside to hiring manager (3rd). 

I have seen this pattern take many forms.  It just seems to work.  There has to be an effort by people in the middle to help and make the connection.   

I can’t help everyone but I can help someone.  I can be a connection in the chain.  SO CAN YOU.  The holidays normally cause a slow down for job hunters.   That said,  I am asking and challenging you to help.  Be a connector for someone.  Don’t seek to help everyone but look to help someone.  It is important .. and you can make a difference in a persons whole life.. 

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