365 Days of Learning – Let’s Go!


Don’t doubt you have the power to continuously learn and grow.  

Inspired by @ Wendy Woodson (She wants you to learn about this)

1. Order books on topics you are interested in and make time to read.

2. Plan day trips and take tours.
3. Visit a local museum.

4. Take a nature hike.
5. Allow spontaneity.

6. Budget for education and hobbies.
7. Surround yourself with other lifelong learners.
8. Listen to music from a variety of genres.

9. Read all kinds of poetry.
10. Try new foods.
11. Visit an art gallery.~
12. Take music lessons.
13. Host a foreign exchange student.
14. Learn a foreign language. (I am learning Australian)

15. Use a dictionary and take the time to look up words anytime you come across ones you don’t know.

16. Learn from different mediums.

17. Attend seminars on topics that interest you.
18. Watch TV, movie and web documentaries on a topic of interest.

19. Ask for help – 🙂

20. Follow up on the references in the books you read.

21. Talk to, listen to, and read experts in the field you’re interested in.
22. Make a Podcast (How to)
23. Highlight words, phrases or quotes that inspire or intrigue you.
24. Join online communities and groups of learners.

25. Make learning your lifestyle.
26. Take online courses.
27. Don’t just read; review and talk about what you read and the ideas it spawned.

28. Write summaries putting what you’ve learned into your own words.

29. Set learning goals. (Use something like Degreed)
30. Write essays and research papers on topics you’re learning about.

31. Teach! A great way to learn is to teach.
32. Take notes.
33. Keep a schedule. (A little every day)

34. Join a book club. (Use something like Goodreads) Which actually feeds Degreed.

35. Write a BLOG! (I do once a week)
36. Cook ~
37. Find time to play.

38. Do something for someone else that challenges you.  (I make things with and for my kids)

39. Mentor others.

40. Talk to a friend in the morning on your way to work** Secret sauce right there folks.

41. Develop a growth mindset.

42. Talk about what you’ve learned. (Share on LinkedIn or Social platforms)

43. Keep a “to learn” list.
44. Ask questions when you are confused or don’t understand something.

45. Practice thinking for yourself.
46. Keep a journal.

47. Meditate.
48. Put what you learn into practice. (Make it real)
49. Do Art.

50. Improve your memory.


What do you think?  I’d like to know!

Most of this list was taken from here. 


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