Leadership – Expression of Gratitude in Difficult Times *Blink

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So Busy I Forgot

The days are long and Covid has made them longer. The increased hours at work have become the new normal. It seems that meetings bleed into each other and finding time to just focus is less of a reality. It is so difficult and seemingly common that Microsoft has built in “quiet time” and “focus time” in their personal analytics. This paints a picture and informs us that we aren’t alone.

The work isn’t just busy work but an increase in the amount of things being asked of us. It is also expected that we are always on and always available. There was a time not long ago where the telephone wasn’t always in our pockets. The expectations are changing but our humanity is not. In other words, we are still people and we still deserve love, respect and understanding.

We can’t be so busy that we forget about each other and our families. There was a movie years ago made by Adam Sandler 2006 called Click. In the movie, the character forgot about what was important in his life and had the ability to fast forward through parts of his life in order to focus on what he thought was important.

The representation of fast forwarding and getting lost or losing time was the critical aspect of the movie. He lost everything that he thought was important by doing what he thought he needed to do to keep everything. He missed the point of life by sacrificing his life for what he thought was the nobel cause.

People work for a reason. It doesn’t matter why but generally speaking, it isn’t just for working. If you are alone and fulfilled by your work and this is what makes you whole, this may not apply to you. From my perspective, this can’t be all that there is. There has to be more. In these days of increased work and increased frequency, I believe we still require time for gratitude. We still require other areas of life to have meaning and purpose. We still must find ways to break up our days and not slip into the idea that days are long and years are short. If we blink and look back, there will come a time where there are no more blinks to be had.

As leaders, leading from where we are, it is important for us to remind ourselves and each other of the gifts we have. Being thankful for our lives, our opportunities, and people who choose to be with us.

For those of you who are reading this, I am thankful for you. If it weren’t for you in some way, shape or form, I would not have the opportunities I have today. In the days ahead, I am going to focus on finding ways to do a better job of focusing on what is truly important. I don’t want to blink and be just a memory. I don’t want that for you either!

Happy Sunday

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