Lunacy Leadership

Storming out

Strategy on the fly

Setting up unreasonable targets and expectations

No Trust |NO TRUST| No Trust

Beating up people on delivery

Beat the delivery out of them

Threats of firing and letting people go for no reason

No plan, there is no plan

Unclear of the goal

I am the smartest person in the room, you’re all dumb

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You ever wonder how some people get into leadership positions?

People are forced out of jobs and terminated.

People are in abusive situations where management has an upper hand and human resources doesn’t exist as its been outsourced or staffed with people afraid to do the right thing.

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I’ve been there a few times myself. I’ve felt trapped and bound by my situation, my boss, the complexity of believing that a company cares about me. I have spoken to countless people about common personal experiences . In recent times over the past few years, I’ve seen some pretty bad behavior. There are many people that have a capacity and capability to give and accept love and kindness. Unfortunately, in companies, love, kindness and fairness don’t always line up. Many people have to deal with lunacy leadership. These are people who care about themselves first and anything and everyone else behind it. Not only do they care about themselves, they make decisions and statements that under observation in toto would get them out of the company and even into a special jacket.

If you are dealing with a person like this….

I’m here to share with you, it doesn’t have to stay this way. While I can appreciate the Harvard studies and positive motivating meme’s and messages, the ground truth is that you suffer until you can find a way to not suffer. Last year, when my mother took ill and my stress levels were through the roof due to many factors, I had to regroup. I left my role at BMS where I had a great team and a good experience with partners. When I posted on LinkedIn what I was doing and why I was doing it, tens of thousands of people engaged that post. While I’ve written about many things, there were two things that thousands of people responded to in writing, phone calls, likes and shares.

  1. Looking for and finding work – Get up Rocky!
  2. When I chose to leave BMS and the reasons behind this decision.

Both of these were intensely personal but many people could relate. They also have or had similar feelings. I’d like to convey a message to you today which is hopefully pragmatic for you.

Everyone including you deserves respect.

Everyone including you deserves kindness.

Everyone including you deserves sanity.

If you don’t have a trusted relationship with your organization, if you are being treated poorly and if they don’t give and expect respect, it is important to take steps to change your situation.

A good friend of mine took on a role with a new company.

On the first day he observed behaviors which were surprising and upsetting to him.

On the second day, he asked questions and sought to determine if he could have a positive impact.

On the third day, he resigned.

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The person you shouldn’t quit on is yourself. You have self worth and if you choose to leave, there is opportunity right around the corner.

Leaders that demonstrate bad behaviors often get what they want. They can have very long and successful careers. They can be nuts without you and successful without impacting you.

You always have a choice.

Please remember this next time you are dealing with a lunatic leader.


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  1. Howie, forgive me I’m behind in my “Project” readings. I just learned of your Mother’s passing. My deepest sympathies to you and your entire family. My Mother and Colleen’s Father were both dead when our kids were growing up. They barely remember my Father. But they do remember Grandma Jane – Colleen’s Mother. When the time comes – and only you will know when that is – get your kids to relate their Grandma stories to you. That is when you discover the influence of your Mother on her Grandchildren as well as yourself. God’s Blessings Always.


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