Generation 0

The grass is dry 
The wells dried up
We’re poisoned by our paper cups
The earth is swallowing houses whole
The darkness dims our light from coal
Where men can’t find agreements in kind
There’s no way to know a man defined
The hurricanes swallow all to be
It’s through that eye we all can see

Death and viral loads abound
War and famine every town
What will the world come to be
It may be all under the sea

Being Smart Won’t Help

The earth, our planet, her people and all the creatures that live on her are suffering from a disease. Unfortunately, we are the cause. We simply don’t know how to live in harmony with each other and the planet.

As far as I can tell, the news paints a picture of a dystopian world full of death, war, politics and catastrophic climate events. Last week, it was said that California will be swallowed whole by an atmospheric river. This week, we are watching the Russians and Ukrainians fight over a nuclear facility which may have global implications. Meanwhile back in the good ole US, we are worried about Ben and Jen’s wedding while arguing if his blue tie means that he is a democrat.

Even if the smartest of us dug out an old military missle silo and built a 50 year shelter, it wouldn’t matter because Covid has shown us what isolation can do to the human mind.

I have to be honest with myself and openly that I am both tired and confused as to what we are doing as a people. I understand that growing up as a Gen X’r, we were taught things that may have been disputable but we had concepts, ideas and things that we held true. We had hope for a better future. I don’t see hope today, it is all “help” not “hope” but the word “help” doesn’t mean that we should help each other, it means that we are all victims in need of help.

Where will we be in two or three generations? If we are only worried about ourselves today, there may not be another generation. What has occurred to me recently is that most of us are on the back of the bus. This means, we have a voice just like most other people do in civilization. We can write like I am writing today but it doesn’t make much of a difference. We can express our frustrations but when it boils down to it, we aren’t in a position to do much about what is happening.

The next Great War may be over fresh water. Just think, we are living in a time where quantum computing exists. If we worked together, we could solve world hunger. We could capture solar energy and power the world. We could cure most diseases as we have the computational power. We could build out technologies to live in harmony with nature. All of this is real and possible today but instead, we still fight with each other over everything. If every person was exactly the same down to the last detail except they had a preference for the color yellow over white, the whites would hate the yellows and the yellows would hate the whites. We would go to war with each other and we would kill and destroy each other just for the simple preference. This is who we are as a race.

Many of us look for purpose in our own personal lives. I am certainly included in the mix of seeking purpose, but I question the idea of long term purpose. At this point, I think about “momentary purpose” as we can seemingly only have the moment.

I am not writing today to depress you or inspire you to take action. I am simply taking a moment to reflect and understand on this beautiful Sunday, that we only have today.

Hug people that you love and enjoy the moments while you have them. If we keep this top of mind, we may have better days overall. As for the next generations, I don’t think we can plan for them. I think we will be extinct as this is where we are headed as a species. All things are possible and maybe we can change but if history holds true, we are all truly treasures as we are in regard to universal time, a portion of the last of our kind.

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  1. Very well said and very true. I wish we all could live in harmony but I think that this is too much to hope for. I try to find the best in people but sometimes get disappointed, but I still try.


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