Our Fair World

While walking through the woods of Chernobyl the boy never realized the poisons beneath his feet. He walked through the ruins and was greeted by friendly wild dogs. The boy found an old playground as he walked past the sign that read “radioactive” without any knowledge of the danger. As the boy continued to explore […]

The Startup Kid

Get Going w/ Understanding Theme: I am in a place in my career where I want to help people. I want to leave some kind of legacy. My kids are older, and I have a lot of experience to share. I want to give back to the people who have helped me and coached me […]

Knowing the “Right” way @ Work

“We lose ourselves at work and may not find who we are at home until it’s too late” If some percentage of people bring their full selves to work, there is another group of people that bring much less. Is there an exact dividing line for those who “do” vs those who “don’t do” as […]

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If Everyday – The Lighted Bracelet

Just Imagine for Today In our world today, we have so many weights and burdens. The freedom of innocence and ignorance was stolen from us by the concept of Eve and the tree of knowledge. Awareness brings “all the things.” In most of our world today we are hyperconnected. These connections of communication create the […]

They asked me WHEN it will change and I told them IT already happened –

NOW ~ It is HERE Philosophically, the difficulty some people have in seeing the 3D image in a Magic Eye stereogram illustrates the limitations of our perception and how we interpret the world around us. Our brains are constantly making assumptions and filling in gaps based on past experiences and expectations, and this can affect […]

Sunday Morning Musings – Future Tech

Well, Hello There! If you are reading this now, there is a good chance that you didn’t just stumble upon my writing on the internet. This morning, I thought about what this blog was about originally, how I have strayed a bit from the initial intent and where it is today. I started writing online […]

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Our Old Friend Antisemitism

Antisemitism, or prejudice and discrimination against Jews, has unfortunately been present in societies around the world for centuries. I grew up in Co-op City which held one of the largest Jewish populations based on people migrating from lower Manhattan and other areas of the Bronx. At one time, the Bronx had a Jewish community which […]