Dispatches from the Front: 11 September 2012

From Kenny

Today, September 11, 2012, eleven years to the day, each of our worlds changed forever.  How will you celebrate such an epoch in world history?

Here on a Forward Operating Base, Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan, we will be mourning the loss of 3 men on duty and 8 wounded from enemy rockets and mortars that took their lives and broke their bodies early this morning.  The mortars fell short of the intended target.  My hut is within 100 yards of that target.  Had the rounds fallen equally long, it is only for the Grace of God go I. 

I have attended 26 Fallen Hero ceremonies since arriving on 17 June 2012 and thankfully survived 22 rocket and mortar attacks on our compound that come in the night.  This “Who Cares” war rages on.  We who witness its horror and who know what terrible things are yet to come do care.

The families who have loved ones sent into harm’s way care.  You who are reading these words care for you would not be receiving this Dispatch if you did not.   Tell me if I am wrong, it appears the rest of our magnificent country just wishes this war would go away.  Even that response has to be pried out when forced to think about Afghanistan at all.  When did our society become complacent?  When did the attitude, “I’ll just write a check and my moral conscience cleared” become acceptable?  I remember in Africa watching two buffalo being chased by a lioness. One was taken.  The other carried on.  That is the cycle of life.  What of humans in the same situation?  Does the one, who makes it, simply say, Damn, I’m glad it was not me, and it sucks being the one that did not?  Questions I seek answers to, but today, have none.

I truly believe, even those who do not support this war, in their hearts support the individuals sent to fight it.   That has to be good enough.

Semper Fidelis,


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