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Here is a quick list to help you understand what services are available to you for use! I get a lot of questions on this and I’ll just share the most common services.

One thing to know, I have seen more success with services that don’t use the telephone lines.  In other words, if you have a choice to use something over the internet, it is the better option.

List of Services

  • Google Hangouts  – 250 users
  • Commercial Skype – 50 Users
  • Zoom free tier – 40 mins / 100 people or less
  • WebEx (Cisco) free tier 40 mins / 100 people or less
  • MS Teams free up to 300 people no time limit

Plenty of others for no or low cost.

From a small business perspective, make sure you read the service agreement if you sign up for anything.

This is not a fully comprehensive list as there are too many to list out and these can become confusing.

If you have to use any of these services with a phone conference number, the key message here is

  1. Making a call to a toll-free number (“all circuits are busy”) go to a local toll number
  2. Making a call to a local toll number (“all circuits are busy”) try a “call me back” feature if this is available.
  3. Local phone number and call me back fails to work, try a direct connection using VOIP of Video.  This would be without a phone.
  4. If this doesn’t work try voice alone, not video.
  5. If this doesn’t work try carrier pigeon.

All the service providers are seeing a strain and have some issues but overall, they are performing well.

Hope this helps you!



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