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More specifically, I like his requirements model Also he linked his Visio Here

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  1. Yes, it is an interesting model, and I like that it keeps Use Cases but then, if you look at it closely, what it does is basically define the RUP artifacts. Good old RUP.

    By the way, how come Mainstream SOA does not include Use cases in its SDLC and does not cover the relationship with over SOA documents, like the inventory or service profiles.
    Actually, I had to kind of tweak a little the use cases to make them describe service compositions, but it worked nicely.


  2. This us the way to do it! We need to have a”translator” for the warfighter that they can use to point to what they think they need that’s compatible with what the developer SHOULD build within a shared, interoperable and accountable enterprise. I must send you my non-geek guide to web services next week so we can see where this leads! Great chart!


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