The Great Cyber War 

The reason why we are having so many problems with cyber security is because we are treating cyber attacks like Missile Command.

  • We know attacks are coming.
  • We know where they come from.
  • We try to stop them.
  • They keep coming in waves faster and faster.

The roller ball simply isn’t enough.

We are doing but we aren’t thinking.   (

“Major U.S. banks have turned to the National Security Agency for help protecting their computer systems after a barrage of assaults that have disrupted their Web sites, according to industry officials.”

Why?  In short the answer is because banks are under attack all the time.   To hurt America, one must attack the wallet.    That is what has been happening for a long time but banks can’t afford it anymore.

There is always someone smarter and that is why the “Missile Command” approach won’t work.   We need to find time to think.  When I say think, I mean stop making laws and changes to address symptoms but to START addressing the root cause (#Sutton).

If you really want to win at Missile Command … you always have the option of (turning off the machine). ~ Just some thinking~

2 thoughts on “The Great Cyber War

  1. The ultimate solution is to have many connections within the network in order to redirect the information when it is under attack. This builds in robustness. But what we do now is build a separate domain thinking it cannot be penetrated. Once the hacker is in; he can do whatever he wants. We are not going to stop hackers but we can build a network where the sensors are like a spiders web and once a hacker gets in it vibrates. If you ever notice where the spider waits for the prey in the web; it is in the center as they can feel the vibrations more directional that way. This means for us we need a central control for our web which right now is something we don’t have; instead we have independent domains and networks and gaps between them. The hackers love gaps and they also love that we don’t have a central sensing method to detect the vibes they produce.


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