PKM From Person to Enterprise (Business Book Summary Edition)

What is PKM?

That was the easy part.

How does PKM translate from the employee to the enterprise?

PKMExample #1

How to make beef jerky (steps Explicit

Example #2 (steps with video Tacit

Example #3 The list ( 

All personal. 

The real question here is HOW did I get this information and HOW can I use it?

The point of PKM is PKMShare

  • We search (discover) information.
  • We interpret this information and internalize what it means (to us).
  • We store the information (in our own way).
  • We share it (either as it is or through interpretation).

From “symbols” to “sense”

The Lord’s Prayer in Gregg and a variety of 19th-century systems


 Semantics, Ontology, Lexicon, and Language


  (We need to understand each other or find ways to translate so that we can understand each other.)

 Once in my head(information is personal).  It is the way (I SEE IT).


Punctuation Marks (NEW)

Understanding of words (data) and information require (internalization/ comprehension/perspective/context)

Even if you get the words right..

You may not get the meaning right!

All knowledge IS personal knowledge (that is how we work).

In order to share information with each other, we have to make a special and extended effort to express ourselves in common ways BUT that isn’t enough. 

The answer for the transition from PERSONAL to ENTERPRISE is….

  1. Enable content discovery. (search)
  2. Use common references (when you can).
  3. Link information to people. (content to context)

The “discovery” driver

If I need to find something to do my job.  I should be able to search for it.  I have to do this in order to perform.

The “discovery” enabler

(Search is required) Is that too simple?

Why does Google look like this?

Where is the dashboard with all of the lists?  Where is the taxonomy?  Where is all the complication? 

If you are a knowledge worker, you most likely use Google or Yahoo or some search engine every day.  The reason that you use this is because it is simple and effective.  As President Bush says” I’m the decider.. heh heh”  You determine what you need and how you are going to use the information.   You determine how you are going to repurpose and share this information.   You determine the fidelity of your information sharing and the granularity of the payload of information.  We already follow some common rules.  If you didn’t do this already my words and the meaning behind them would be unfamiliar to you NOW as you read this.

When common isn’t enough. All about the “P”

You knew where I was going with this.. didn’t you?

Personal KM to Enterprise KM meaning information that I am managing in my personal repository of stuff (my info stash) to what the organization needs to keep for (Our info stash).  It is back to PEOPLE again.  I need to be able to search, get content, interpret content, determine if I need more context, understand the relationship between the content that I have discovered and my desired outcome, and…. have information about the relationship between this content and the content creator or AUTHORITATIVE SOURCE.   I need to have the ability to talk to someone about what I found (from discovery).   

Tool Business

I am not trying to put anyone out of business.  In fact, I find value in semantics.  We need data and information tools, I use them everyday.  We need to share information and we need to understand the intent and context of the information provider.    All that being said, tools ENABLE us to do things, they shouldn’t DRIVE us to do things.   Even good ole’ Google shouldn’t drive us.   Discovery is independent of Google, it is an activity not a tool.
What have we learned today?  Knowledge Management and Knowledge Transfer is dependent on the person in the middle (literally).   Any information stored in a repository is always subject to interpretation and perspective regardless of how factual and explicit the information is.  If we are providing information or transferring information, it is our responsibility to make this information easier to find and provide as much (context) as possible.  When that is not enough, we must provide a communication link to the owner, provider, author, authority on this information in order to assist in our (personal understanding) and awareness of this information.


Awareness and understanding are key otherwise information no matter how well formed and governed may have little value.

Do you see the dreoilín teaspaigh?  That is a Irish word.  You can use google translate to find out what it means.   If you have a problem you can email me at the address on my about page.