Ride the Wave ** Note from Lloyd

Don’t try and ride every wave you can. You will become very tired and not enjoy the wave that will give you the best ride all the way in. Paddle out and look for that great wave that is going to provide the best ride. You might ride a few that are not what you thought they were going to be. Just keep trying for that wave you have in your mind. What does this have to do with life? Nobody will listen to my ideas. They are sound ideas that should save time and money and I will feel good at the end of the day that I did something to help others. I am not saying I have all the answers; I just want to have a discussion about them so I can have validated input. — If you work in a place where everyone knows everything – like the guy, I am not a computer engineer but I own a computer therefore, I know everything about computers. I am not a systems engineer but I have hooked up a printer to my computer so I know how systems work. I am not and engineer at all but I served with your boss in the big one so I deserved the lead engineer now let me get back to playing solitaire – while you are here, how do I get this screen saver thingy to go away? These are the people you unfortunately have to tolerate – until your wave comes. Wait for the opportunity to show itself and go for it quietly. Find something that you can leverage that your boss wants. Leverage that item in order to build on it and ride the wave all the way in.