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“Yes, the best part of the Super Bowl.”

Being Smart

Experts warn that global warming is damaging our planet.   These experts study our world, build models, use statistics and have proof that damage is occurring.  The public is aware of the danger but what are we to do?

Seabirds are eating plastic at an alarming rate but what can I do?

These very smart and very well informed people tell us that there is a problem but chances are based on history that the problem will not be resolved by us.  It is more likely that nature will fix itself and that we will be at the receiving end of that solution.

Smart doesn’t equate to being effective and this is something that we need to consider.   At the end of the day, we need to focus on what we do and the results of those activities.   I have found myself over the years with many brilliant people that were unable to convert their intelligence into something practical with an outcome of a desired effect or capability.  That is the point of this short post.

All the Answers

Google has all the answers but it never asks if they are right.   Just because someone has the answers doesn’t mean they are right.  We need to understand that our curiosity, our questions and our rivalry forces us to make better decisions.  It forces us to drive towards better questions.   The questions are the key, not the answers.

Simple Steps

As things seem to become more complicated and we strive to be more connected and gain more information, we need to work towards simplicity.   I am sharing here what has worked for me with the hope that some of this can work for you.

  1. Use the 5 whys (example
  2. If I don’t know something, it is OK, I just ask to find someone that does know and then let them talk.
  3. Challenge everything but account for time and the patience of others.
  4. Recognize that smart does not = wise.
  5. Respect people and be kind .. always keeping in mind servant leadership.
  6. Always be practical.
  7. Always consider the outcome and be realistic about it.
  8. Always consider the greater good.

These are some .. simple practices.. I have worked hard to use these on a daily basis and make them part of my life and routine.   The key point is that problems need solutions, solutions shouldn’t seek problems.    This was part of my thinking today, thought I would share with a few friends!

2 thoughts on “All the Answers

  1. Maybe a better word for practical might be living within an objective truth. Too many people today feel that anything goes is a way to find creativity but it is just the opposite, it causes more chaos. Relative truths can lead to false solutions but objective truths are instrumental in building upon solutions.


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