Many Leaders Can’t Tie Shoes


The Automated

Unstable technology delivered at lightning speed.  We are are getting updates daily and there are changes which impact the fundamental operating environment.  We are giving up our autonomy.   We are giving up our ability to deliver stable solutions.   We do this with the idea that we are saving time and money.  We do this with the idea that we are moving forward and progressing.   We do this with the idea that we are getting better and that we seek to get better.

We are becoming automated and function at a higher level of abstraction in our work.  Leaders are getting lost in the meetings and minutes.   Leaders aren’t leading, they are speaking.  Leaders aren’t engaging they are hiding behind their IOS.   We are becoming the machine.   Even if we don’t produce results in our work, we can successfully produce positive speculation.

Leaders can’t tie shoes as they have forgotten.    In consideration of automation,  we may note that not only are we automating our systems and our technical capabilities, we are automating our engagement.   The automation of our experience and engagement leads to disconnect and distance.  From far away, things don’t seem to matter much…

Something to think about.

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