You Need a Job | Now What?

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Make Moves

The career path today looks more like a zig-zag vs a straight line.  Corporations are making corporate decisions.  These decisions don’t account for individuals.   I believe people do care about each other but when it comes to business, things get fuzzy.    For whatever reason the job is no longer there.

It Hurts

It is painful to lose a job.  You feel rejected.  You feel hurt and betrayed.  The reasons don’t matter, but the pain is real.   You can live in this pain and let it drown you or you can use it to power you up for your next.

Try Three Things

  1. Get a library card.- Go to the library and get access to all of the digital databases they have.  The library offers you opportunity to learn new skills, study companies and many even offer coaching. librarycard
  2. Seek out critical feedback from someone that does not know you. – This is a must have.  Your friends and family love you and even if they “give it to you straight” there is a bias.  They really want to help but help from them isn’t what you need.  You need help from people who don’t know you.  Ask a stranger for help.  Here is how.  Go onto LinkedIn,  if you don’t have an account sign up.  If you have a profile already, it is a good time for a tune up.   Look for connections to 1st people you don’t know well.  If you know all of your 1st connections like family, move on to your 2nd or 3rd connections.  Look for people in roles senior to your last role.  Send them a connection request with a note asking for an opportunity to speak to them for personal growth and mentor-ship.  There are a lot of great people out there in the world and many will seek to help you.  When you have the opportunity to speak to them, make sure you explain to them what you are looking to accomplish.   You want critical feedback on how you present yourself.  You never know, they also may have suggestions or connections to make for you as you look for your next role. LI
  3. Think Visible –  You won’t be found.  People aren’t looking for you.   You are a tree in the forest.  Yes, you are fantastic and beautiful and smart and talented and all that.. None of that matters because you are hidden in plain sight.   If you are looking for a job, you have to make yourself visible.


Now a few things to keep in mind as you feel pain and struggle.

You feel alone but you are not alone. This is a moment in your life and it is hard but you will get past it.

GET UP and make finding your job .. your job. 

GET UP and take care of yourself and your health..

GET UP and allow yourself to feel bad and sorry and all the feelings that come with your situation.  Then make it your business to regroup and start the hunt. 

Believe it ..