Simplicity of Cutting the Cord

This is EASY

Project Time Total 8-10 hours

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Figure out what kind of antenna you need.  If you are bold and want 3-5 hour project, you can build one.

Not this complicated


More like


Built something like this with my 7 year old.  He did most of the work.


Plenty of options for multi-room DVR

How about streaming your over the air signal to any tv or mobile device in the house?  I use the HD HomeRun.   This is connected to my antenna.   All of my devices have an HD HomeRun app and I can watch TV anywhere in the house.   Technically speaking, I can VPN to the house and watch my TV from anywhere!

Oh No!

If you get a bad signal and/or you live in an area that has a lot of mountains, you will have problems.   That said, it may be worth it to you to pick a streaming service.  These can be expensive today but you have a lot of options.

People ask me all the time about my signal and if I lose channels.   The answer is, no.  I recently switched from a home built antenna to a Mohu Sky 60.  I removed an old Direct TV dish from the roof,  used the existing wiring and replaced it with the home built.   I was curious to see if I could do better with the Mohu.  I figured it couldn’t be worse.   I picked up about 15 more channels and strengthened my signal on a few that I did have some challenges with under the most extreme weather conditions.  I think that it was because the antenna may have moved around a little in a heavy storm.    My only complaint is that I pick up some duplicates channels which I can actually filter out on the TV.   Who needs 5 Cozi channels?  I do love the Heros and Icons channel though.   I get all the local sports and they come in better than if I had cable.

If you want more details, let me know!