Never Ending 9/11

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Today is 9/11. It is 20 years since the attack on the US and from my perspective we are far worse off today than ever before.

We are destined to react and respond vs prevent and proactively protect ourselves.

Our way of life is under attack and based on my memory of the way things used to be, we are morphing and evolving to accept our impending demise as our norm. Just a few points here to note.

  1. Our financial system is under attack and under water. We have historical levels of debt and we have people taking government checks which out pay basic wages. (seems insane)
  2. Our medical system is under attack. We have turned medicine into something literally insane. The medical profession is literally a war zone. This is actually a world wide problem, I can’t imagine any young person today thinking they want to be a doctor.
  3. Our small businesses are under attack. Rack up all the issues with running a small business and you’ll quickly realize that running a small business ain’t what it used to be.
  4. The middle class is under so much pressure that we will either wind up on the diamond side or coal side of the equation. One place you’ve been crushed but you have something of value, the other place you’re just a lump of fuel ready to burn.
  5. We are under attack from technological threats (personally). We have identity threats, ransomware, and large corporations that lie to us about technologies, gain our trust and place us at untold and unknown extreme risks.
  6. We are under attack from extremism in every way possible. Everything is extreme. If you voice your opinion and it doesn’t follow some safe social norm, you could be out. Being out could mean something permanent.
  7. We are under attack from false information, the news and media. We are divided by opinions. On 9/11/ we were attacked by terrorists and we as Americans and global citizens came together on a united front. Flags were flying and people from all walks of life came together. It was something amazing. Today we are fighting a global war against a more dangerous enemy that is killing our children and people honestly believe that the illuminati or some global controlling force is putting chips into people to control them. Instead of coming together to fight the virus which should be our enemy, we are fighting each other and we the people will lose. From human terrorism perspective, we haven’t even convicted the terrorists that harmed us on 9/11 20 years ago and our world has more visible terrorism than in our entire known history.

It’s hard to see. I grew up with racism and all sorts of isms around me. I heard the cries of the people growing up in the Bronx. I heard the cries of individuals who chose to be perpetual victims. What I’ve seen in our world today from then to now is a plague of victimhood. We don’t stand on merit. We don’t work hard and gain the benefits of our hard work. It doesn’t work like that. In fact, if you work less, you may actually gain more.

In our world today we reward people based on what they are vs who they are and how hard they work. We have become so used to being victims and living as perpetual victims that we now celebrate it. We have become proud of it. Not that it makes sense logically but it makes sense to support the machine of victimhood.

I don’t believe our victim mentality is new but I do believe we have weaponized it to the extent that we are drowning as a society in it. We don’t take personal responsibility anymore. It’s someone else’s fault. We can’t accept ourselves and be proud of who we are unless we have some method of sharing our woes and ourselves as victims.

Now for the hard truth. We are all victims of the events that have transpired since 9/11. We are all victims of the woke globe. We are all victims of our global tolerance for false information which is destroying us. We are in a war with the machine and I don’t mean AI. We are at war with our inability to come together and rally as a people. The world responds and reacts to the acts of terror. It responds and reacts to news events and it responds and reacts to things and stuff. It doesn’t think ahead. There aren’t any thought leaders. In fact, if you look at business today, thought leadership is just gamification badge on LinkedIn.

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I remember the twin towers. I remember seeing them fall. I remember the feeling I had and the questions I had as the attacks took place. Now, I think that I have some of these same feelings and questions every day. Are we safe? Is my family ok? Friends? Protect our people and our children. Who do I need to fight? Who do I need to serve? How can I help? I am an American and I am proud of who I am and I am proud to be a part of this country and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect her. Holy shit, it’s like 9/11 everyday now.

We live in extreme chaos. We are used to it now. If the Covid virus isn’t enough, it has to be something else. Maybe aliens that are living in the moon need to come down and fire bomb us into action? Its interesting to me as I’ve written this to think even if we get invaded by aliens that we are in so much disarray that we’d have people that wouldn’t come together to fight them (the aliens) due to religious, racial or some other thing to separate us.

The waters flowing through the subways aren’t enough. The fires in the west aren’t enough. The hurricanes aren’t enough. The raping of women and killing of children aren’t enough. The virus isn’t enough. The economy isn’t enough. Lack of food and water isn’t enough. What extreme will be enough? I don’t know but I do know this being right doesn’t mean anything. If we as a species don’t figure it out, nature will expel us as Earth poo and repurpose our remains as the fertilizer for the next generation of evolution.

If you are distressed or upset with what I have written, think about it and ask yourself if you disagree. If you do, tell me why. If you don’t then ask yourself if there is something that you can do about it. The victim says “it is done to me” and the victor says “I did it.” I’m not giving up, I hope we as a people don’t either.

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