AI Points for Regulars

Yes. You know.

Over 100m+ people have tried GPT and it is being adopted and integrated at rates we haven’t seen before in recent history.

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All the tech people doing their tech things, you non-technical people may not be interested in this. Maybe you “get it” but don’t know what it means to you.

We need to consider a few things here from a very basic perspective. It is extremely important that people question what is happening here with AI to learn and understand how it will impact them and what is changing right now.

I am going to post snippets about this on my blog so that people don’t need to read long articles.

We need to think about and understand how to manage the wave.

In a sense, technology comes in waves.

Most things happen technologically in many small waves. We don’t notice them but things change and feel very natural.

As technology advances, these small waves build upon themselves, and over time we become familiar with constant technological changes.

Some people have been able to resist change and sort of get to where they had to be at some point that felt right for them but they weren’t immediately dragged into the new tech RIGHT NOW.

The situation we are in today is a very large wave. In less than six months we went from people discovering technology to embracing and integrating it into things we as a society aren’t yet ready for.

This is why it is important to understand.

Here is an example for you. Companies are starting to use GPT for answering patient questions from doctors. They are also creating applications for doctors to use for diagnosis and treatment. GPT and other AI are absolutely useful and helpful but they are not ready to make life-and-death determinations for doctors. (there are tons of links)

GPT and AI in finance or insurance applications are here. AI will replace people in making decisions for insurance and many other applications in finance.

For example, if you get into an accident, log in to your insurance application, take a picture of the damage, and briefly describe in words what happened. The insurance application will take into consideration your history, your profile, your TONE, your INFLECTION, the images, and many other factors and will immediately provide an estimate.

There won’t be anyone to talk to about it and you won’t have a “nice person” who cares about you or even pretends to care.

The same will be said for customer service across the board. For sure without question, service centers will go away.

There will be AI to answer questions and even talk with you about your concerns. There will be no supervisor to negotiate with by the end of this journey.

We already had issues with data privacy but now the main issue is that all these companies already have and have had tons of data on you but NOW they can actually use it.

I want you to put this into perspective PLEASE.. this is a quote taken from Forbes

“AI will probably most likely lead to the end of the world, but in the meantime, there’ll be great companies.” –Sam Altman

Do you know who Same Altman is?

Sam Altman, the 38-year-old cofounder and CEO of the artificial-intelligence research company OpenAI, is on his way to becoming one of the most powerful people in the world.

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PEOPLE — One of the people responsible for delivering one of the most significant technological changes in human history believes that it either may be a good thing or kill us all.

More to think about …. What do you think?

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