Harder than ever to work together.

We are so connected.   We are so connected to each other that we are disconnected from each other.  We have social networks, texting, phones, blogs, emails, television, internet channels and still we are disconnected.   Now we are looking to find ways to connect more.  The reason is that normal person  to person communication is breaking down.   We have a spillage of indifference in communication that is coming from this inhuman and impersonal nature of internet chatter.   The talking heads on television say things to each other today in common discourse that would have never been tolerated.   We have bullying at an all time high because people say anything on their minds.   The filters are coming off or wearing down.

We are becoming less trusting of each other and really for a good reason, bad behavior is tolerated.   The knowledge workers are tethered to the great internet, might as well be jacked in like Neo.  We seem to know everything all the time, or at least think we do.  In the past 10 years of my career, I have seen more people say “I know” grow beyond anything I could have or would have ever imagined.   We all “know it all” instead the truth is more like we know nothing of everything and something about nothing.   We actively choose to forget the things that matter or look to our past for lessons of our future.   I don’t like the way things are playing out and I don’t like this world that we are sculpting.   Our ethics and morals are going down the toilet but we build ethic and moral centers.  It is like we all say that those things that you are supposed to do are for others not for us.   Our jobs are getting harder because we don’t really talk to each other anymore and we are too smart to listen.

I wonder where we will be in another 10 years.  I love technology and tools, my life has technology integrated but I am really wondering if we are better off with less.

When (BYOD) Bring your own device becomes the norm, will we all be sitting in the same room texting each other?  I hope not..