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Google gives us 10 results in less than .50 seconds, give or take a little.   You may be interested to know that Google isn’t alone, just search the major engines and count the results.   Without getting into the science of why this is the default response and display, lets just be aware that this is what happens.

So, what is this =1 business?

If you ask a room full of people where they get information when they need to know something, they say “Google.”   There is no debate about it.  Even if they search Yahoo or Bing or even their enterprise, they may say they “Google it.”  What they are doing is searching, searching for the one thing they need at that moment in time.

That is what this is about.  Results = 1, the one thing you need, that one piece of information you need WHEN you need it.  Now, people commonly understand that this is true but it seems that we forget.   We aren’t a knowledge based generation for what we know, we are a knowledge based generation of what we can find and how quickly.

This requires that we write, publish and share.   This also requires that we have the ability to gain access to contextually aligned INFORMATION that we can TRANSFORM into knowledge for our use at any one point in time.

There are many uses for crayons, some of them are simple and others are complex.   If you needed to find out what you could do with crayons, you would compose a search.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 8.57.14 AMOn the wonderful things that you can do!  What did you know?  You could get lost in here.  Most of us need to know the one thing we need.

Did you know that crayons could help you survive if you are out of power and need light?

Crayons have made careers and have inspired thoughts!  Crayons have helped children communicate and have been a fundamental part of education for many years.

In the end with all the complexity 

There is simply a crayon.  Maybe just one. 

Maybe the one that simply matters to YOU!


The OUTCOME is our need to convert information to knowledge that is relevant and important to US for US.   As the one!

That is why

trustand Good Communication are ALWAYS required!

For KM to be effective it has to go from Personal Knowledge to Information and BACK to Personal Knowledge! 

Personal Knowledge Management - MindMeister Mind Map.pngandonlinelogomaker-102613-2009


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