Keep It Simple for Practical KM

Pick 3 Stan Garfield has many great posts on Knowledge Management, this is one of my favorites (LinkedIn Pulse).   He talks about creating a list of top 3 objectives to address KM challenges at your organization.  I have used this approach successfully as a consultant and also as a KM organizational lead. Which 3? […]

Working Out Loud: Speaking to Leadership (Part 2 of 5)

Speaking with Leadership and Working Out Loud Part 2 “Speak Up” Show up whenever possible (Part 1) Ask to speak with senior leaders; chances are they will see you.  Advocate for yourself and others. (Part 3) Speak to the heart and mind. (Part 4) Have faith and courage. (Part 5) “Senior leadership isn’t interested in […]

Shout, Show and Share to Work Out Loud

Working Out Loud – Simply Works.. I can easily see how everyday my life is better for practicing behaviors that are aligned and consistent with WOL.   When I first met John Stepper he said “I don’t care about selling books, I care about helping people.”  If he were to have any disappointment it would […]

Before Knowledge Management and Working Out Loud

The Practice of Civility If you ask 100 Knowledge Management experts how to effectively implement and practice KM, you really do get close to 100 different answers.  I believe this is because there isn’t one right answer.   I believe that we should consider that before we go into looking at maturity models and k-strategies […]