Collecting Knowledge isn’t Easy

Being Human Qualia (from the Latin, meaning “what sort” or “what kind”; Latin and English singular “quale”, pronounced KWAHL-ay) are most simply defined as qualities or feelings, like redness, as considered independently of their effects on behavior. In more philosophical terms, qualia are properties of sensory experiences by virtue of which there is something it […]

Social Constructivist Learning @ Work

Learning Concepts — Basic Premise of Social Constructivist. The concepts that we have studied around learning for children can be applied to adults as well.  There isn’t some date or time that cognitive psychology just short circuits and expires.   As a KM practitioner and consultant I am finding that simple is more effective than […]

KM and The Pioneer Woman~

Deliciousness to The End! The Pioneer Woman, absolutely brilliant Ree Drummond provides some of the most tasty and delicious recipes that represent the American palate for today and from a time gone by.   Please find an example of one of Ree’s wonderful recipes.   Her style uses both complex concepts along with simple staples […]

There is GREAT POWER in Silence

If you don’t say something, you are saying a lot. “Silence is a window into a fundamental misunderstanding in semiotics, the study of signs. “ Research indicates that children would rather be yelled at than ignored. When prisoners are being punished, they are put in isolation, because being isolated is one of the harshest punishments […]

2004 Perspective on KM

Given the economic outlook for knowledge workers, I find even less incentives to share my knowledge with my employer. Capturing it is even further out. You’d have to be insane to give your employer any of your knowledge. I’m wondering if people can remain employed without sharing some knowledge? Posted by: David Locke | December […]

ILTA KM (Elevator Pitch Advice) 1.             We need to devote time to critically examine the value proposition of every aspect of our work and each project. 2.             We need to write a separate elevator pitch for each of our varied client groups (for example, partners, associates, firm leadership, and administrative people), each component of our mandate, and each project. […]

The Proper Care and Feeding of Employee X … I mean Y and Z.

Those are some stats but.. what does it mean? At first glance the thing that I pick up on is that close to half the work force will be filled by the people in this generation. I think we will need to consider some things outside the normal conversation as factors. This generation grew up […]