Collecting Knowledge isn’t Easy

Being Human Qualia (from the Latin, meaning “what sort” or “what kind”; Latin and English singular “quale”, pronounced KWAHL-ay) are most simply defined as qualities or feelings, like redness, as considered independently of their effects on behavior. In more philosophical terms, qualia are properties of sensory experiences by virtue of which there is something it […]

Enterprise KM (Metrics)

Riding the Bike As a child learning how to ride a bike I had both my uncle and my grandfather take me out to teach me. Uncle Mark’s Approach My uncle took off one training wheel and held the bike from the seat as he walked behind me on the path holding the seat.   […]

Water, Air, Knowledge.. You need this .. remember?

5 Generations Mixer Organizations throughout the world are now challenged to maintain business continuity by transferring knowledge from the older generations to the younger. According to some studies there will be 5 generations in the workforce all at the same time. Gaps and Seems Less Seems… There are a variety of reasons why people in […]