Evanta Discussion (Digital Enterprise)

This week I am leading a discussion with   Topic 1: Redefine: The Digital Enterprise •    What are your successes in building a roadmap for a digital strategy? •    How do you secure organization-wide support for digital initiatives? •    How do you demonstrate ROI on digital initiatives? Topic 2: Redefine: Innovation in […]

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Day 0 – The Network Came to Help

M&A Reflection My job changed January 1st, 2016, the first day of what we called “NewCo.”  There was a lot of talk about “Legacy” company x and y.   All I really knew was that the culture and feel of the company I was working for had changed. Regardless of what it became, it simply wasn’t […]

Twitter: Judge, Jury & Executioner

The Social Truth An allegation is an assertion until it can be proven but this doesn’t stop companies from reacting immediately to a social truth. I define a social truth as something that is true because it is supported or corroborated to some extent on social media.   The result is that many voices become one […]