Software as a Service in the DoD

The enterprise software initiative has a SaaS toolkit located  Included is a road map and a business model and a list of pro’s and con’s.   What’s missing? Vendor understanding of the DoD market. Certification and IA cost Product management strategy Enterprise licensing strategy that takes into account unanticipated users Consumption assessment – How much […]

Is there a link between Enterprise Architecture and Knowledge Management?

  Knowledge Management company’s organization of knowledge: the organization of intellectual resources and information systems within a business environment. Enterprise Architecture An enterprise architecture (EA) is a rigorous description of the structure of an enterprise, which comprises enterprise components (business entities), the externally visible properties of those components, and the relationships (e.g. the behavior) between them. EA describes […]

Army Connecting Soldiers to Digital Applications When Connecting Soldiers to Digital Apps (CSDA) was conceptualized in September 2009 by CIO/G6 and ARCIC, the idea was to explore the value of using smart phones to provide Soldiers Army applications for select administrative, training and tactical functions. CSDA goals are: Evaluate new training approaches that allow Soldiers to learn anytime/anywhere (providing a […]

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