The Critical Self – On the Hunt

Determination | Perseverance  and a Broken GPS The second week of this year,  I found myself in the new reality that I didn’t have a corporate email address.   Reflecting on the past few years, I can say that I worked hard and I have no regrets in terms of how hard I worked and my […]

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Authentically KM

Presented to a Knowledge Management Showcase for the KMI (Knowledge Management Institute) this week. The basic idea is that leadership in Knowledge Management is critical.  There are a few elements at a high level that one must consider in starting a KM practice from scratch. What problem are you trying to solve?  What business problem(s)? […]

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Digital Workplace, Collaboration & GDPR

Digital Workplace and Collaboration There is an expectation by employees that organizational collaboration, communication and connectivity will meet or exceed currently available market driven technologies.  This means people working in companies expect that they can collaborate in ways consistent with what they can do at home. The Gig economy is here and it is supported […]