Winning is Easy if #KM

KM Practices..

  1. Write out a collaboration pattern.   A collaboration pattern is a document that identifies people and associated communication and collaboration capabilities. #Identify
  2. Communication channels led by a person facilitating knowledge activities. #WOL
  3. Collaboration and Change Leadership driven by all employees with support from senior leaders. #Leadership #Employee Engagement #Love your folks

Knowledge Management is everyones responsibility, just like getting to work.  It is a simple concept but is it too simple?

If your organization does basic, simple things, it can be very successful in saving money, lowering risk, and generating income.

The reason this doesn’t happen is because simple solutions are too obvious.

  • Eat healthy
  • Exercise
  • Drink water

Most people can avoid serious health problems by going to a nutritionist.  While this is a factual and true statement more often than not, people wind up at the doctors office and have to take medication or worse.

Most people can feel better, extend their wellness through their lives, and feel younger longer by introducing exercise into their lives.  Even if it is 8 minutes a day, for most that is too long.

Most people can avoid serious problems, lose weight and feel good by drinking water more often and they don’t.

Most people can gain a lot of health benefit from going to bed just a little earlier, but they don’t.

Why ?

Whether an organization is 5 million or 50 billion the same rules for people engagement apply.   If you don’t communicate, collaborate and cooperate the company will not work in an optimal fashion.    The health of the organization is dependent on your people.   The health of the organization can be managed by simple and effective people strategies.

The health of the organization and the optimization of the product workflow, product pipeline, consulting channels, customer support… all of it are intertwined with employee engagement.

If you take simple steps.. and include people to facilitate or manage “gates” or help with collaboration, there will be MORE success.  If you don’t, it is very possible to be successful just not as successful as you could be.

So What

At the end of the day, some leaders will understand and some won’t.   If they don’t understand and do something about it, nothing bad may happen.   It is possible for organizations to treat people poorly and survive and even thrive!   It is possible for people who lead companies to do bad things and run away with lots of rewards.   It is also possible for leaders to take small simple steps on making companies better and cultivating a culture of simple gratitude and integrity.   It is possible to communicate, collaborate and cooperate and benefit.

What is the most valuable company in the world today at the moment?

How do they collaborate?

Focusing efforts on making collaboration and communication as natural as eating healthy, exercising, sleeping well and drinking enough water.. will have a positive impact on the bottom line.   Just think.. you didn’t need to buy anything to do it either.





Weekend @ Bernie’s Business Edition

The Investor, The Senior Executive, The Middle Manager, and The Worker

Melissa Mayer seems to be dragging her dead company around pretending that it is a living thing.. (just my two cents).   Reminds me of the Weekend at Bernie’s movie 1989.   Bernie was a real party animal and senior dude..except he was dead.

The reason why companies are failing today is because the system is constantly being gamed to produce lies that encourage investment.   This practice isn’t new but the availability of information in real time has made it much easier for liars to do their thing.


The only way to get attention is to scream louder and be bold,  and a bigger jerk over others.   Tell lies and act like a raging mad person.   I don’t know about you but I don’t want to accept this as “best business practice.”

A few weeks ago, I wrote about garbage in the ocean and amazingly enough people don’t respond to that.   The real problems of our world seem too big for any one of us to fix.  It is a shame.  It is a real shame.

  • The investors don’t care about the truth as long as the stock price goes up.
  • Senior Executives like the folks you all know who are in the public clearly can’t pass the bullshit test.
  • Middle Management is “in the middle”
  • Workers are essentially liabilities.

Looking in the rear view mirror at our country won’t help us either.  We have to start working on supporting our small businesses.  We need to foster growth that is organic and centered on real results as opposed to speculation.  We need to think less about activist investors and market gambling.  Investors and others will work the market, I don’t think that is going to change.  Investors aren’t bad but the behaviors around market speculation are not good when they artificially prop up companies that aren’t worth it.

I have to ask.. what kind of world are we building for our children?

If you ask me,  we can ignore what is happening in our world and do nothing or we can work together for our future.   I think it starts with an honest discussion of what is really happening and we can take it from there.










EX – Employee Experience

SammyACX- Customer experience

Customer experience is the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship. This interaction includes a customer’s attraction, awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy and purchase and use of a service. It is measured by the individual’s experience during all points of contact against the individual’s expectations.
This is just one part of the equation

What about our employees?  Seems pretty common to treat folks with little or no respect..

Beat them and they will submit …  but never will you capture their spirit or their minds..

EX- What could it be? (Mazhar Mansoor)


“Here is a simple framework to understand relationship among various drivers of employee experience and see how employee experience, in turn, becomes the primary factor in creating business results.”


Spend time thinking about and investing in employees in the same manner as you would customers.  Customers pay the bills but employees can turn customers into advocates or enemies.    Blue Focus Marketing


The worst thing a company can do is lie to their employees.  There are many legal implications to lying  but beyond it simply being wrong, it hurts the corporate brand.   Even if you are barely connected to a company it can and will hurt.

Large companies need to find ways to make “big things small.” –Jon Bidwell   If every customer matters then every employee should matter.   There is a lesson to be learned here.

A focus on the employee experience is an investment in the company just like any other asset or capital investment.  A focus on the process around employee engagement and the analysis / data to support an evidence based approach to respecting employees is a “sure thing” in terms of overall productivity and opportunity with customers.

If we are going to take lessons from the masters on profitability wouldn’t we look at the current number one in the market?

Alphabet / Google

Small Steps..

Companies can flog their employees and create fear but today with the younger generations entering the workforce those old practices can’t hold up.  You have to respect what everyone brings to the table.  In fact, a lot of companies are overcompensating today with the younger generation and that isn’t great either.

This isn’t a “solution” but it is an ongoing conversation with multiple considerations.   As an industry leader one of the go to guys on practical (EX) is Hemal Patel I met with him and asked him about this subject area and he said “It all begins with two concepts, start with gratitude and integrity.”  He suggested that employees that understand organizational gratitude and integrity as part of the larger culture will seek to help build and support the company in ways that we could not foresee.

EX- Gratitude and Integrity

  • Measuring gratitude  <– study from Berkeley  (Basically says gratitude is in fact good and can lend itself to happiness and positivity.) <– well whaddya know?
  • Measuring integrity The-value-of-great-CEOs1

It appears that Mr. Patel is onto something…


  • Don’t lead with fear..
  • Make Big things Small
  • Focus on Gratitude and Integrity
  • Measure using an outcome based approach..
  • Focus on CX and EX for a healthy approach to organizational success…


Any comments, questions or did I miss something?